Japanese Internet-based Therapy for Complicated Grief (J-ITCG)

This website contain outlines about research of Internet Therapy for Complicated Grief in Japan(J-ITCG)
The following contents are included in this website, Introduction, Treatment, Research, Privacy, Alternatives, Links, Contact.

In 2005, a very successful treatment of complicated grief has been offered in the in Germany by Dr. Birgit Wagner. The contact between clients and therapists takes place exclusively via Internet. The therapists follow a scientifically tested treatment protocol. This protocol defines fixed treatment elements that are adapted to the specific situation of the client. The clients can write at home, in their familiar environment which makes it easier to work with their therapist.

For the first time, this treatment will now be offered in Japanese. The study will be conducted by Dr. Akemi Shirai, MD and Dr. Satomi Nakajima, and Prof. Dr.and MD. Takako Konishi., in association with Dr. Birgit Wagner.

Treatment takes a total of five weeks and will be offered free of charge to a limited number of participants. The effects of treatment will be assessed by psychodiagnostic questionnaires. All data are anonymized and archived by numbers so that inference on the patients is impossible.

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